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Why My Pc Is Hanging…..(Revealed)

Why PC is hanging, Top reasons behind them

I’m receiving many queries regarding, “My PC is hanging”. Well, I would like to clear some basics regarding PC hanging. PC hangs when your PC is not able to handle any operation or execution, PC tries to complete any process or operation using available resources (Resources are RAM, Processor, Hard Disk space, etc.). Every Pc is having their own capacity to handle operation or execution. All executions & operations are done by processor (CPU), or you can say (brain of computer).

My Pc Is HangingThere are different types of PC that are,

  • High End – Able to handle multitasking operation at fastest time, i.e. Modern & Latest Computer.
  • Mid End – Able to handle multitasking task Slower than high end system, i.e. Normal Computer.
  • Low End – Limited Execution & operation is possible. It takes long time to process compared to Mid and High End System, i.e. Old Computer.

According to your PC capacity or requirement, you should use application supporting your PC.

These are the basic Reasons due to which PC Hung…

Reason 1: Even High end PC begins to hang, if any virus is executed or infected the system. Check your PC to make sure your system is not infected by any virus.

Reason 2: Using Software applications, which are not supporting your PC requirement. For e.g. MS Office 2007 requires more than 256mb Ram and 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher. In case, your system runs below that requirement then obviously the system will hang or may even crash. So make sure, you run application supporting your System Requirement.

Reason 3: Don’t install unwanted application and don’t load your PC with too much of software’s. Use Software’s, which are essential.

Reason 4: If your Pc starts hanging when loading Window XP. Then you need to remove applications, which are loaded when window boots, i.e., Start-up programs.

Reason 5: If any problem found like Songs are not playing properly Or PC is functioning Slow Or Hanging, this can be because of Driver Problem. Uninstall all old Drivers and Reinstall all the essential driver.

Reason 6: System begins to hang or result in slow performance when your hard-drive is full or fragmented. Defragmentation is very important and recommended. You will see changes in performance after defragmentation. To Defragment Go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> System tools –> Defragmentation.

Reason 7: Computer starts hanging, if any process or operation is not able to handle by your computer. E.g. Word 2007 is used for handling word document. In Low End PC, heavy application might result in slow functioning of the system or may even hang the system since such a low end system has a low memory resources available, which is consumed by big application and as a result all other tasks are not able to access memory, which results in system hang.

Well, these are the basic things which make PC hang and perform slow. You should know your PC Requirement (capacity) before Installing any software. And Most Important a good Antivirus and Firewall to protect system against virus and malware.

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