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How to format Usb Pen/Flash Drive to NTFS

Format Usb Pen/Flash Drive to NTFS There are many limitation using Fat File System partition, As i posted in my previous article that “Files greater than 4gb cannot be transferred or created in Fat partition Pen/Flash Drive“.If you are using ...

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How to Bypass IVR and Get directly to Live Operator

Bypass IVR and Get directly to Live Executive/Operator IVR is a Interactive Voice Response, interactive technology that allows a computer to detect voice and keypad inputs. IVR technology is used extensively in telecommunications.When we call some Customer Care/Support, you hear ...

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Quick & Easy Way to Hide all Icons on Desktop

How to hide all Icons from Desktop In my previous Post “How to remove Recycle bin from Desktop“, we tried to remove recycle bin icon.As i mentioned earlier in my previous post, There are no such option provided by xp ...

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How to Remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop

Remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop As we all know, we cannot remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop.You may find many article on web to remove recycle bin by tweaking Group Policy Editor or Registry editor.There are no options or ...

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What is thumbs.db and How to Remove it ?

Initially, when I got my first system and understood some of the basic like virus and antivirus. I consider and treated thumbs.db as a virus because it used to create thumbs.db file automatically as soon as I delete the file. ...

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