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How to Save Documents Online and Why?

Save Documents Online If you are a person having lots of important documents saved in a paper file (offline) regardless of being office or personal files. It always makes sense to have a scan copy of those files on your system just to be sure that files are safe and secure. Because, if due to misplace of document or document gets damaged, the scan copy document can come very handy as a proof of the originality. However, storing the files on the system is still not safe due to the risk of system failure or disk failure.

As an alternative, today cloud storage is the best option that you can trust on. Cloud storage is basically to store data online i.e. (external server drives) that are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible. Some of the popular cloud storages available are Google Drive, Dropbox, Live Drive, JustCloud, etc. Does saving the scan documents online using cloud storage does reduce the risk of loss of document. Storing documents on cloud storage does give you the flexibility to access data anytime and anywhere when needed. Some old files or documents may not be needed every time, and such file can be stored in the cloud as archive storage and can be used whenever needed. It is evident that some document either personal or office files might be needed urgently that you did not carry along, does accessing files saved on cloud storage give you the advantage of having all the files and documents on the go.

Apart from the hard copy documents, soft copy documents are also essential that can be in the form of word, PowerPoint presentation, excel documents, or some other files, etc. It is always a troublesome to edit a file that is edited and updated with the same or different group of people. It is an overhead of editing the file and sending mail to each other. Due to the Cloud Storage concept, it has made life simpler with easy access to documents and files online. A file can now be easily edited, saved and shared with others.

Microsoft Office introduces the Save to Skydrive option that enables users to save files online and share with other. For Windows users on Office 2010, Select Option File –> Save & Send –> Save to Web. For Mac User, select File –> Share –> Save to Skydrive.

Save to Skydrive

Similarly, Google Cloud provides an online version of Word, Excel processing environment that provides users to access file and update simultaneously.

Storing document online regardless of being hard copy or soft copy, proves to be very beneficial and handy. You don’t need to take care of any back-up of data of your physical system. You don’t lose data or files and give you the peace of mind without worrying about your files or documents.

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