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Increase The Size Of Recycle Bin

When you delete files from PC in windows, the files get transferred or moved to the recycle bin. so in case, you change your mind and want to get the file back, you can get that easily by restoring from the recycle bin. However, if the files are deleted permanently you will never get that file again unless you perform system recovery that I will discuss on my next post.
When you delete files, which are larger in size, the Recycle bin will prompt with an option of delete permanently. This is because the size of the recycle bin is set to low.

Increase The Size Of Recycle BinFollow below steps to increase the size of the recycle bin:

Step 1: Open Recycle bin properties, Right-click on recycle bin and select Properties.

Step 2: The size is set to 10% of the size of each drive size. I.e., Suppose you have c drive with 100 GB then the size of the recycle bin will be 10GB.
If you delete file more than 10GB, it will prompt to permanently delete option to delete files. You can increase the size to 30%, or as you desire.

Step 3: Now Click on Apply and OK.

Note: Don’t try to set to a maximum. It is recommended that you don’t change it.
If you decided to change, then set it low below 20% or 30%. Because if you set 20%, the size of each drive will reserve 20% of size for all your drives. You can even specify for a specific drive, by going to specific drive tab.

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  • sam

    Ohhh I never knew this!!!

  • rick

    I usually keep my recycle bin empty as it occupy space of my disk.

  • Ronit

    i keep lower than the default 10%.

  • Computer Repair

    This is a great tip, however, I think that you should just be really sure that you want to get rid of a particular program first. If you want to get rid of the program or file, you should just delete it completely to save the disk space. I won't even send a program to the recycle bin unless I'm sure that I will never use it again.