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How to Set Application Processes Priority in Windows

You may want to increase priority of certain application or decrease\lower the priority for specific application or processes. By specifying priority to specific process will enable CPU to give more or less importance according to specified priority to that process. Suppose you want Google Talk application to run faster and smoothly, assign priority higher for Google talk. If you set higher priority for NERO while burning disc, you’ll find NERO running much smoothly and with no crash Disc.

Processes Priority in Windows

Set Application Processes Priority in Windows

1. Open Task Manager, Press Ctrl + Alt +Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

2. Navigate to Processes tab, you should see a lot of processes running on your system. Select the process you want CPU to give higher precedence or importance.

3. Now right-click  on the process –> Set Priority –> select priority from the list.

As shown above, I have selected Google Talk process and changing priority accordingly. Depending upon the process importance, set the processes priority accordingly (Highest Priority is Realtime And Lowest Priority is Low).

Update: This will also work on later version of Windows like Windows  Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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  • Mitesh

    sometime my nero fails to write cd properly and start hanging my pc.I done this priority trick and i am surprised nero is working more smoothly

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