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How To Install Theme For Window XP SP2 also on SP3

Installing Theme For Windows XP or applying the theme For Windows XP is very simple. You can either do it manually or use software. Suppose, you have a folder for a theme, containing theme content files.
For e.g., if you are installing "aero theme" you might have a folder containing some Files like "shell "Folder and some file extension with ".msstyles" file.

Follow below simple step to install theme manually in Windows XP

  • Copy the Theme folder to the below directory in Windows XP


Note: Here " C:\ " Directory is the Drive Where your window XP is installed.

  • Open Display Properties, Go to Start –> Run –> type Desk.cpl and Enter. Now, Click on Appearance Tab and Change the Theme from the Drop-Down Menu.

Installing Theme on Windows XP is very simple but sometime installing themes on Windows XP SP3 turns out to be cumbersome. Most of the time, themes don’t work on Windows XP SP3. Though you copied the theme in Windows Theme Directories, it will not list the theme. There are many tweaks which allow to install theme on Windows XP SP3, but I prefer to install using TuneUp Utilities. This tool got everything you need to tweak with your system and has been one of the best tweak tools ever for Windows XP.

Installing Theme on Windows XP SP3 using Tuneup Utilities

  • Once you copied the theme in Themes Directory i.e. “C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes” .
  • Open Tuneup Utilities, Go to Customise –> Tuneup Styler –> Visual Styler

install theme in windows xp sp3You may find all the theme list on the left pane window, you may have observed that, themes which wasn’t showing in the list of themes in windows are showing in TuneUp Utilities. Now Click on Apply to apply the theme on Windows XP.

If you encountered any problem or have any suggestion in installing themes on Windows XP, then please share with us in the comment section below.



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