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How to Insert Or Add Images to Gmail Messages

How to Insert Images to Gmail Messages

Gmail is the most popular mail service used by millions of people every day.But still there are many features which are not available in Gmail although we can still enable missing feature using beta Lab.As you might be knowing that gmail does not have any option of embedding or adding images to gmail messages.
To add such option to the compose toolbar of Gmail which will allow you to insert image easily, you need to enable Inserting image feature from Gmail Lab.

Follow the below procedure…
1.) Open Gmail and go to Setting.

2.) Click on Lab Tab.

3.) Now Scroll Down and find Inserting Image Lab feature.

4.)Now, Click on Enable option and scroll Down and Click on Save Setting and activate the feature.

Now, you would see image icon on compose toolbar of Gmail, Click on the image icon and insert image to the message.
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  • Phil

    For all the years I've used gmail I never knew there was an image option. Thanks for the info.


  • Vista Performance

    This is a great post. I never tried this one but upon reading your post I think I will try this one.