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How to Download YouTube Videos in Web Browser without any Software

Officially You tube doesn’t provide any options to download movie from you tube. However there are lots of Offline and Online Software tools available on net which can do the job. Most of the time, It happens that you find some interesting video and want to save that video and share with your friends. But Downloading Video from YouTube is tedious and mostly Time consuming, since you need some tool or software to download those video and then converting process goes on. Instead of doing such cumbersome process to Download/save video from YouTube try using Web Browser ADDON /Extension “Easy YouTube Video Downloader”

download video using web browser


Downloading video from YouTube is simple using Web browser Add-on “Easy YouTube video downloader. Easy YouTube downloader directly gives you an option below the video to download the video directly from that page, allowing users to download YouTube videos in MP3, FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities. Currently, It supports web-browser addon for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari.

Installation Procedure:

  • Open the above link according to the browser you are currently using, And follow the procedure as mentioned on their site.

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