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How to Detect Invisible user on yahoo messenger

After posting an article on multiple instance of Yahoo messenger, few readers came up with a good question and asked us "How to detect people status, which are really offline or pretending to be Offline."
This is something every person does, trying to pretend offline, but in reality, they are online and invisible. Hence, I decided to post on the same. This guide will show you, how to detect invisible user on Yahoo. Obviously, everyone would be interested or eager know how to detect people status, i.e. Offline or pretending to be offline.Most people pretend to be offline using invisible option in Yahoo’s messenger. It is obvious that people who pretend to be offline may not be interested to chat with you or he/she doesn’t want to disclose his or her presence. This trick may help many guys and girls who want to know whether he/she is avoiding them.
There are some third parties online services and Software’s available on the Internet. However, I recommend to use online services instead of software’s.

Detect Invisible user on yahoo messenger

Below are list of some of the most popular Online Services and Software’s, which can be used to detect invisible user on Yahoo…

The below Online services are free of charge, and no registration required. Enter the Yahoo-Id of whom you need to check status.Detect Invisible user on yahoo messenger

1. Detect Invisible – Detect Invisible is a free invisible user detector. While testing, the result were correct and excellent. You can use this not only to detect yahoo, but it also detect invisible user in Hi5 and Facebook.

Detect Invisible user on yahoo messenger2. Y Detector – Y Detector checks Yahoo’s status online. I have tested this Site and works well and shows the correct results.

This is an example of how it works. You just need to put Yahoo id in textbook and Click on Search. The example shown in image shows that I am pretending to be offline using invisible and using YDetector.com it detects that I am not offline but invisible.

Detect Invisible user 3. Invisible – Invisible is another Yahoo Status checker and works well and shows the correct result. However, we found this site to be down sometimes.


Detect Invisible user on yahoo messenger4. Status Detect – It’s a free online service. This site is well-designed and works great. We tested this, the detection of Yahoo’s status for invisible are correct and shows the proper result.



Detect Invisible user on yahoo 5. vizgin – This is free online service where in you can detect the status of invisible user on yahoo. We tested this and it works fine and displays the correct results, additionally it also shows Yahoo id avatar.


There are some software too, which will check Yahoo user id Status. It’s always better to use online services instead of installing software. However, we are listing some of the popular software for the same.
1. Buddy Spy – this is not an online service. Buddy Spy is a little program that you can download and install on your computer. It detects multiple user-id, but I don’t recommend this because you have to login using yahoo-id and its a third-party software which you need to install in your PC. It always a risk of malware or spyware when installing unknown third-party software

2. BuddyCheck – Another program that you can download and install, which will show you exactly who is online and who is offline, But it’s not free. You have to pay for this about $20.

So, think twice before you try to pretend yourself as offline, or you can reveal some of your friends status who are pretending to be offline.


If you know any other sites, which provide invisibility status of Yahoo user Id, then, please share it in the below comment section. In case any of the above sites are not working or showing wrong result, then, please help us by informing it in the below comment section so that we could update the same in the article.

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  • viki

    i chat daily on yahoo and many times i wonder some friends are avoiding me using invisible option and pretending to be offline.Thanks for listing such services.i never taught this may be possible.

  • Elyse

    I have seen many such scam crap on detecting invisible user on yahoo on many sites but your article was excellent and i tried all the above online services except using software and all was working…Thanks ..that was cool

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    Of course a user could be invisible beacuse they just dont want to talk…

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    your any of the above given online invisible detector service is not giving correct result.
    i am login to my yahoo. i am invisible but all services above shows me OFFLINE.
    None is working dude.

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