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How to connect Pc to wireless internet WiFi Hotspot network

How to connect Pc to wireless WiFi Network

One of our reader “Castero” had asked me “I live near a university which has a wireless internet connection for their students.I have been struggling for a long time to connect my PC to their wireless connection so that i can have internet connection”. so, i taught of writing an article who are looking to make connection from pc to wireless Network.
To make connection to your near-by WiFi network, Following thing you should make sure.
1.) Pc should have Wireless Network Adapter.
2.) Pc should be in the range of network and Should have permission to access the network by the hotspot owner.
If you are looking to connect your pc to wireless network, you will need wireless network adapter.
What is Wireless Network Adapter?

As you connect Internet cable to Lan card to access internet through wired connection same way wireless network card is used to connect and receive wireless signal. Wireless network Adapter is a hardware part which is connected to pc, to receive wireless signals/data.
If you are connecting to wireless network through laptop which is having wifi/wireless enabled then there is no need of buying wireless network card for laptop.Since, pc don’t come with wireless network adapter, so go and buy network adapter from computer store.

There are several ways & types available to connect wireless network adapter to pc.
1.) ADD-In-Card: This type of card is an internal card which is added inside the CPU.

2.) USB Plug-in: This Type of adapter are Plug and Use.Insert into any usb slot and you can connect to wireless network.They are quite expensive.

3.) Wireless Bridge: A wireless bridge is a hardware component and connected through the ethernet port of the backside of the cpu.

Note: There is a certain range of wireless signals, First make sure you are able to receive the signal at your home.The wireless signal range can be from 250-300 feet.
Before you embark on connecting to wireless network,Borrow laptop which is wireless enabled from your friend and check if you are able to connect to the wireless network from your home.If you are able to connect to the near-by wireless hotspot network from your home, Then Go and Buy wireless Network Adapter for your pc and enjoy your free wireless internet connection.
After you buy the network adapter, the further instruction will be given on their manual.If you are unable to setup the connection in windows, then wait for the next post, I’ll be soon be posting on that…

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