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Hidden Star Wars film in Win XP

Well, This Movie is not inside the XP, with the help of TELNET; we are watching the ASCII Animation Movie. This is an old trick. Most of the people might be knowing this trick, since if you search on Google with “hidden star war film in XP”, you will find a lot of sites. However, most of the sites have merely copied each other content and just ignored the explanation as how this movie is getting played and from where the movie is getting streamed.
Basically, To run this movie, you should be connected to the Internet. I will explain you as how this movie is being played on XP and from where it is streaming(Coming) from.

Note: This trick is not restricted to XP only. This will work on all systems which have access to telnet command.

Update: In windows 7 and later version of windows, you need to enable telnet command to play this movie.

Hidden Star Wars film

Follow the below procedure to see hidden Star Wars film

1. Open Command Prompt, Go to Start –> Run –> Type Cmd and Press Enter.

2. Now, In Command Prompt, Type the below command or copy paste the command.

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

Wait for a while and movie will start.

How it Works?

This movie is an animation movie made using ASCII. ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which contains All English Characters, Numbers and Other Symbols(Special Characters). If you search on Google on ASCII Animation Movies, you would see there are lots of movies based on ASCII Animation.
Star Movie ASCII movie is developed by Simon Jansen check the site here http://asciimation.co.nz/

The movie is streaming from http://www.blinkenlights.nl. This movie has been uploaded to blinkenlights.nl. In the Above Command, Telnet request to connect to towel.blinkenlights.nl, where the movie is uploaded.

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  • Dj roshan

    No Problem any time…
    More tricks and hacks are coming soon…..

  • Tim

    It works on new macs too 😉

  • Dj roshan

    To ~Tim
    No,It will only work on window xp…