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Firefox Add-Ons Google Shortcut -One-Click-Go Google Services

Firefox Add-on Google Shortcut

Today, Google has many online product & services and many people are using more than one google services.Generally, Visiting all those services become little irritating. There are many google product and services available and the most Popular Google services used today are Gmail, Orkut, Google Reader, You tube, Wave, Blogger, Adsense, Webmaster, Feedburner, Docs, etc.Since Many people are using more than one services, they generally go to My Account under setting Option in google where all the google product and services gets listed.To open google services you may search that services on web or you may go to My Account in google or you may have already bookmarked those services.All those procedure has to go from long way and also time consuming.However, there is a better way to go to all those google services.

Firefox add-ons Google shortcut is a better and fast way to visit all those favorite services on google.If you are using more than one services on google then its recommended.With the help of Google shortcut, you can directly go to the specific services.You can also call this Add-on as One-Click-Go because you simply need to click once from the list of services and you will directly go to the specific services.After installing this Add-Ons, you will find this on toolbar of your firefox.

You may see all google services icon on your firefox toolbar is in horizontal and not how it looks in the above image.You can customize the icon to vertical drop down menu instead of showing horizontal.Goto Setting >> Display Options and put tick on Dropdown Menu.

You can select or deselect services from Services Selection and Click Save Setting.

Download Link: Google Shortcuts Add-On
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  • Daren

    This is fast and better way to go to google services.I'll found this add-ons very usefull

  • Amadi

    Switching between google service is now easy.its very handy.Thankzz

  • I’m really into it, tkahns for this great stuff!