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Find Windows XP Key Inside Cd (Revealed)

How to Find XP key Inside Cd (Disc)

This happens with everyone, when people misplace the CD cover and lost their Windows XP Key. You have window XP CD but don’t have the Key. Some people start searching key all over the internet, or may ask friends or relatives for key, jeopardizing yours system to piracy. However, have you ever thought that the CD-Key of the Windows XP disc you were looking for was right inside the CD itself.

It’s true. The keys are right inside the disk and see how easily you can get the key from the Cd.

Find Window XP Key Inside Cd

Follow below steps to find Windows XP key inside CD

Step 1: Insert your Windows XP CD into your computer’s CD/DVD ROM/ RAM.

Step 2: Now, browse through your Windows XP CD and find the folder I386.
Inside the folder, find the file named as unattended.txt.

Step 3: Open unattended.txt in notepad.
Keep scrolling the file and you will get Windows XP CD key. In case you don’t find the key, try using search option in notepad and search for "productkey". So this way you can find the Windows XP key inside the Disc.

Find Window XP Key Inside CD

Most people don’t know that, the key they have with them can be used with any XP CD. But if you brought Genuine Microsoft Windows XP CD, don’t share the key because, it will make your original copy into illegal copy, and you start seeing the genuine banner above taskbar stating that this version of windows is a pirated version.

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  • Sam

    i used to search in google but i never thought it will be inside the cd… this was awesome…
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    well this was old trick.But only few of them knew about this…:)

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    This is perfect but is it right to use that product key,I think we should use corporate edition key for many times.

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    Who would have thought it is so simple? Unfortunately I learned too late, it's time for Windows 7 🙂

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