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How To Delete Old Facebook Friend Requests

All of us like to make new friends in our personal life, professional life, e-life, etc. In our fast-paced generation, we send and receive many friend requests on Facebook which we ignore sometimes and decide to check afterwards. But later on if we want to keep a track of all the friend requests sent and received, it becomes a difficult task. Many of us search for the name of the person whom they have sent friend request and then cancel it. It’s not easy to remember every friend request, whether sent or received. All of this is made simple for you where there’s no need to remember anything. You can view all the records of your friend requests sent or received.

Follow the steps given below to delete old Facebook friend requests:

1. Click on the friend requests button, you’ll be able to view pending friend requests and friends suggestions by Facebook as “People You May Know”.

 Delete old Facebook friend requests


2. Click on “See All” to show all of your friend requests.

Click on “See All”


3. In “See All”, you’ll see pending friend requests that you can confirm or delete as per your choice. You’ll see the link “View Sent Requests”, click on it and you’ll be able to view all your friend requests sent by you.


You can also go to the below link and access the Friend Request page on Facebook.


Friend Request page

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