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Control Windows 7 settings with Windows 7 in a box

“Windows 7 in a box” is a program which lists almost every tools and settings of Windows 7 under one roof. People who are newbies often find themselves in trouble searching for settings and tools in Windows 7. Even people with expertise of windows 7 feel the need of some program where all tools and settings could be listed at one place, so their valuable time could be saved. Its a great way to access settings and tools without using command prompt or control panel.


How Easy is This?

It requires no installation, simply run the program. After running the application, you may see many settings and utilities listed under the Drop Down menus. Create a shortcut on desktop and whenever you need to open any settings or utilities tool simply run this program from the desktop.

control windows 7 setting

To understand this tool properly, I am listing some screenshots of these menus so that you can get a clear idea about what settings and utilities are available under this programs drop down menu.

Below Screenshot shows Functions of Windows 7.

control windows 7 setting menu1


Commonly used Applications and Tools which are shipped with windows 7.

control windows 7 setting menu2


This Tools Drop Down menu shows Tools which are available in Windows 7.

control windows 7 setting menu3


Settings Menu displays Settings which are available in Windows 7.

control windows 7 setting menu4

If you are looking some way to access all the settings in one place then this software application is just right for you, where you could save your time.

Download Windows 7 in a Box

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  • Grace

    This is a good and lite software, a good way to access everything in window 7

    • Yeah that’s what I’m tailkng about baby–nice work!

  • Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thkans for he answer.

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