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Roshan Karkera a.k.a. k.roshan. Blogger by passion and software engineer by profession. He believes in sharing knowledge, which made him to start his own blog. He is very much keen & passionate about new technology & Science. If you'd like to connect with him, follow at Google plus or Twitter.

Find Windows XP Key Inside Cd (Revealed)

How to Find XP key Inside Cd (Disc) This happens with everyone, when people misplace the CD cover and lost their Windows XP Key. You have window XP CD but don’t have the Key. Some people start searching key all ...

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Delete Undeletable Files In Windows

Often, while deleting files you might have come across, "Error in deleting files." This error is basically saying that "The file or folder you are deleting is being used." Usually, you don’t know why this error is showing even though, ...

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Stop Pc from Hanging

As I Discussed in my earlier Posts Why My PC Hangs(Revealed). I showed some of the basic reasons, which leads to slow performance and hanging circumstance. If you check the previous Post Why My Pc Hangs, You will see some ...

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Why My Pc Is Hanging…..(Revealed)

Why PC is hanging, Top reasons behind them I’m receiving many queries regarding, “My PC is hanging”. Well, I would like to clear some basics regarding PC hanging. PC hangs when your PC is not able to handle any operation ...

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Increase The Size Of Recycle Bin

When you delete files from PC in windows, the files get transferred or moved to the recycle bin. so in case, you change your mind and want to get the file back, you can get that easily by restoring from ...

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