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Monthly Archives: February 2012

How to Open E-mail link directly in Gmail

Many people prefer mailing through Gmail on the web, instead of using operating system default mail program. The most annoying work was to copy those mail-to email link and paste in Gmail compose window. Because, earlier when we used to ...

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How to open Terminal in Ubuntu

Linux is gaining popularity among many people, and most people typically going for Ubuntu (GUI Linux). Ubuntu made Linux an easy Operating system for Professional as well as for Newbie. Today, most of the Ubuntu or Linux users are interested ...

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Strategies for Using Google and Google+ For Research

Being immersed in classes, in a traditional educational setting or online, usually means having to complete several research papers. The papers are meant to supplement the coursework from lectures and textbooks. They are also a way for your instructors to ...

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Hidden Easter Egg in uTorrent Application

People love Easter Egg and so do we. We have decided to reveal such Easter eggs, which are hidden in the application or web pages. Easter Egg is nothing but a hidden message, joke or features, which are hidden in ...

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